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Steps, Tips & Tricks for PMP Certification

Hi Friends , as assured, i am back again with my 2nd part of the PMP Trilogy Series. This post will serve as a step-by-step guide en-route to your PMP certification.

Steps for applying for PMP exam

1. Check your Eligibility Criteria    

 A secondary degree (high school diploma,Associate's degree or the global equivalent) with at least 5 years of Project Management Experience, with 7500 hours leading and directing Projects
A four-year degree (bachelors degree or the global equivalent) with at least 3 years of Project Management Experience, with 4500 hours leading and directing projects

2. Thirty Five (35) hours of Project Management Education

Once you are eligible as per Step 1, this is the most important barrier you need to cross for applying to write the exam. Select a good, reputed and convenient PMI R.E.P institute for obtaining
formal training of 35 hrs of project management education. This will be a 4-day course, mostly during the weekends. This is your entry to PMP and hence concentrate on this course. I was fortunate enough to get trained under a good mentor. Obtain training completion certificate.
Now, we are all set for applying for the exam.

3. Become a PMI member     

Its advisable to become a PMI member. This will save you easily atleast a couple of hundred dollars in due
course as the examination fees and several other things are at a reduced cost for PMI members. So, act smart, and become one today.

4. Submit your application to PMI

Download the application from the below mentioned link and submit the application to PMI.

PMI will send you an email to submit the exam fee. PMI typically takes about 1 week for application approval. Your application approval is valid for one-year from the date you receive the approval email. If selected for audit, this may take a couple of more weeks and you will
be asked to submit all the necessary documents like your education credentials, official proof of employment and project handling, etc.

5. Actual Preparation for the Exam

Refer to Tips for Exam section

6. Payment and Scheduling of PMP Exam

Once you are thorough and confident in your preparation for the exam, go ahead and make a payment of $405 through online( After receiving the confirmation of payment from PMI, schedule your appointment through Prometric.

Thats it, you are all set for writing the PMP exam.

Tips for PMP Exam Preparation 

Your PMP exam preparation starts the day when you finalize the PMI R.E.P.(Registered Education Provider) for obtaining 35 hours of formal education. That's why i insisted on carefully selecting a reputed institute. Concentrate on the class hard and be interactive and clear most of your doubts over there. Once you are done with that, i suggest you to study the below mentioned books compulsorily(i studied and passed in 1st attempt. If i can , so can you ).
1. Head First PMP from O'Reilly Media, Inc
2. PMBoK Guide (You get a free copy if you are a PMI member)
3. Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep
Also, there are several wonderful youtube videos for PMP exam notably, by Cornelius Fichtner ( and
Vinai Prakash   (

PMP exam questions will be divided as mentioned below.

Answer each question as per PMI mindset, not yours.

Mock Exams : The best way to practice

You can try these free mock examinations. This are good tests to see if you can sit in one place for 4 hours, and do a complete 200 question test without losing your sanity. You should check your score. Most such tests provide you with a detailed analysis of your marks – by domain, and by knowledge area. Once you begin to score 80-85% in such mock tests, you can consider yourself ready to take the final PMP test.

Head First PMP Exam :
PM Study :
Oliver Lehmann :
PM Exam Simulator :

Trick during PMP Examination

You are seriously mistaken if you are expecting something unethical here :)
The trick is to use the 15 minutes before the exam which is give to you for understanding the Prometric Tutorial. Being regular online users, you can complete that in 3 minutes and use the next 12 minutes to write down the formulas or other important things to remember in the blank sheet provided. this is your Brain dump. watch this Youtube video for reference.

That is all my friends. You are now all set to clear the PMP exam in the 1st attempt.
                                             All the best.

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